Stop Misfuelings In 2016

Whether you're a pilot or FBO team member, you likely already understand the dangers of misfuelings.  While misfuelings can prove to be costly for FBO operations, we must always remember they can have more serious outcomes like harm to humans and aircraft.  There are two easy and effective solutions your FBO can utilize to prevent misfuelings:

  1. Our workflow management system.  The EasyFBO system eliminates easily misunderstood communication that can lead to misfuelings.  By transitioning to a system that is electronic and recorded you can avoid communication confusion.  In addition to preventing misfuelings and other errors, our system will also increase the efficiency of your operation.  It's easy and simple, but will make a huge impact.
  2. NATA's FREE Misfueling Prevention Program.  This program is great for pilots, line technicians, customer service representatives, and FBO managers.  Learn about simple steps you can take to prevent this serious problem. 

In the short-term it is easy to take steps like distributing the NATA course throughout your organization (Do it today!). We hope to be your long term solution for improving the workflow and communication of fuel orders at your FBO (Call or email me today!).

Stay vigilant and safe,

John Hill, Founder