PRESS RELEASE: EasyFBO Successful Launch at ProJet Aviation (KJYO)


On Wednesday, April 13th, the EasyFBO workflow management system went live at ProJet Aviation's FBO in Leesburg, Virginia.  The web-based software takes the traditionally paper and radio process of managing fuel order requests and goes completely electronic for a more efficient and safe process.

The founder of EasyFBO LLC is John Hill, a pilot and FBO employee for over 4 years.   "I knew there had to be an easier way to handle this important process for FBOs," Hill said speaking of the workflow that starts when a pilot places a fuel order.   Then the front desk writes it down, then they radio the line technicians, then they complete the fueling and finally bring a paper ticket back to the front desk.  This communication process has proven to be a pain point for FBOs especially when just a single miscommunication can lead to very costly mistakes.  Hill attended the past two NBAA conventions and has personally interviewed over 50 FBOs to help build the best solution possible.

EasyFBO's solution gives pilots the option to submit orders from their smart phones, tablets, computers, or even a kiosk at the front desk.  The front desk will still be able to input orders directly into the system for clients who prefer to verbally order their fuel, but using the system ensures the ultimate mitigation of misfueling risk.  The FBO front desk will be able to monitor pending fuel requests and the orders will be automatically sent out to the proper fuel truck tablets.  100LL trucks will see only 100LL orders and Jet A trucks will see only Jet A orders.  When a fueling is complete, the line technician just has to type in the final meter numbers and then move on directly to the next order without extra radio chatter or having to drop off a ticket.  The front desk automatically receives an electronic fuel ticket to proceed with invoicing in any software of their choice.

Shye Gilad, CEO of ProJet Aviation, said "The roll out of EasyFBO was just that: “easy!” In just a few days, it has become the preferred method of handling fuel transactions. We are experiencing a significant reduction in radio chatter and communication errors, as well as an increase in customer satisfaction. This is a huge return on a relatively small investment!”

ProJet Aviation's Director of FBO Operations, Julie O'Brien, said "EasyFBO has solved several items for us.  The program has made the entire fuel ordering process more expedient.  We have reduced our call out time and eliminated our need for manual fuel tickets. In addition, the program has reduced mathematical errors and the need to interpret individuals' handwriting.  My entire FBO team eased into the transition in just a few hours with relatively no hassle.  The program has been easy to understand, easy to initiate, and easy to implement with our current invoicing system TFBO.  I could not be happier with the results."

EasyFBO plans to launch at a total of 10 beta locations before the end of 2016, with most launching this summer.  "We're excited to partner with multiple FBOs looking to provide the best service possible to their customers while at the same time increasing the efficiency and safety of their operation.  We want our system to be like an extra employee for the FBO but at a significantly lower cost." said John Hill.  EasyFBO provides a turn-key package for their beta customers that includes on-site help during launch week, continued customer support, all of the tablets, data-plans, and access to the online portal.  FBOs who become an EasyFBO beta location get a discounted price along with free upgrades as the EasyFBO team continues to grow and update their solution.  "At EasyFBO we are always learning and always innovating.  We started this company by personally interviewing FBOs and will continue to directly work with the people on the ground who use this system so we can continue to make it the best solution possible for all FBOs," Hill said.



Twitter: @EasyFBO

Contact: or 571.258.8932


About ProJet:

ProJet Aviation is the DC metro region's premier private aviation company, dedicated to helping people accomplish extraordinary things through the wonder of flight. ProJet provides aircraft management, worldwide charter, and flight support (FBO) services at  Leesburg Executive Airport (KJYO), the general aviation gateway to Washington DC, the Dulles Technology Corridor, and Virginia's Horse & Wine Country.  Founded in 2007 as a partnership between former airline pilot entrepreneur Shye Gilad, and noted entrepreneur and philanthropist Sheila C. Johnson, Founder & CEO of Salamander Hotels and Resorts, ProJet’s “aviation hospitality” mindset combines the operational integrity of the world’s best airlines with the refined service of a world-class resort. ProJet holds an ARGUS safety rating, and is one of the few operators certified to conduct charter flights into Washington Reagan National Airport (KDCA). The company’s numerous accolades include recognition as a Washington Business Journal Best Place to Work, Loudoun County Service Business of the Year, and an Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Company.


Please contact John Hill with any questions. or 571.258.8932