Update for NBAA 2016

I'm looking forward to arriving in Orlando for the annual NBAA conference.  It means so much to me as this is where EasyFBO really kicked off two years ago when I attended the conference in order to interview over 50 FBOs to see if everybody else experienced the same communication problems I did while working at an FBO for over 5 years.  The following year in Vegas I brought a demo of my solution to see if y'all liked it and to learn what I could do to perfect it for FBOs.  After that we built a fully operational product and launched it at ProJet Aviation (KJYO) in April.  We truly hit our goal of creating a system that would act like an extra employee for a significantly lower cost.  Imagine your front desk no longer having to manage a fuel order list and the orders being instantly dispatched to the proper fuel truck. Imagine your line techs not having to radio in every time they're ready for a fuel order. Imagine not having to tell your customers you have to wait for the fuel ticket to invoice them. Imagine not having to sort through meter number discrepancies and bad handwriting.  Imagine having all of the data at your finger tips to make better decisions and grow fuel sales.  This is a proven reality we built through EasyFBO's web-based software and you can have it.

Feel free to reach out to me anytime via email, text, or phone. (John@EasyFBO.com & 571.258.8932)

I hope you have a successful conference.  Let's make each day count.

God bless,

John T. Hill